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Select Your Coffee
by Characteristic

Select Your Coffee by Characteristic

The taste of coffee can vary greatly, depending on where and under what conditions the beans are grown in, as well as the roast profile applied to them. Here is a list that categorizes our coffee varietals into a form that should help most people find the coffee taste that meets their personal preferences.

Find the coffee that fits your taste! Compare coffee by characteristics (directly below) or by roast profile.

For a unique Gift-Giving experience, PAIR your Gourmet Coffee Gift with the "CHARACTER" of someone special


Sweet Tasting with a light body and low acidity

India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage'
India Mysore 'Gold Nuggets'
Organic Galapagos Island Estate
Organic Mexico
Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec'
Jamaica Blue Mountain
Papua New Guinea
Brazil Santos

Winey taste with a light body and high acidity.

Santo Domingo 'Bani Especiale'
Puerto Rico 'Yauco Selecto Estate'
Guatemala Antigua
Organic Peru 'Andes Gold'
Costa Rica 'La Amistad' Organic
Costa Rica Reserve
Kauai Island Estate

Smooth taste with a heavy body and low acidity

Panama 'La Palma Select'
Colombia Organico Mesa de los Santos
Colombia Supremo
Fair-Trade Central American Beneficio
Java 'Dutch Estate'
Sumatra Mandheling
Sumatra Dark Roast 'Black Satin'
Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Organic
Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Organic
Yemen 'Arabian Mocca'
Sulawesi 'Celebes Classique'

Bold taste with a heavy body and high acidity

French Roast
Tanzania Peaberry
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Ethiopia Longberry
Kenya AA
Zambia Terranova Estate


Roast Profiles

Not every coffee is roasted to the same level. We try to find the perfect roast profile for each coffee we import so that each coffee has it's own taste, and is discernable from our other coffees.


Colombia Cafe Organico Mesa de los Santos
Fair-Trade Central American Beneficio
Organic Galapagos Island Estate Coffee
Puerto Rico 'Yauco Selecto Estate' Coffee
Espresso Prima

Medium Light

Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Organic Coffee
Brazil Santos Coffee
Ethiopia Longberry Coffee
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
Kauai Island Estate Coffee
Jamaica Blue Mountain 'Wallenford Estate' Coffee
Papua New Guinea Coffee
Sulawesi 'Celebes Classique' Coffee
Yemen 'Arabian Mocca' Coffee
Zambia Terranova Estate
Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' Coffee
Organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan' Coffee
Organic Mexico Coffee
Connoisseur Estates Blend
Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend
Reggae Blend
Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec'


Colombia Supremo Coffee
Costa Rica 'La Amistad' Organic Coffee
Costa Rica Reserve Coffee
Guatemala Antigua Coffee
India Malabar 'Monsooned Voyage' Coffee
India Mysore 'Gold Nuggets' Coffee
Java 'Dutch Estate' Coffee
Kenya AA Coffee
Kona 'Volcanic Estate' Coffee
Santo Domingo 'Bani Especiale' Coffee
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
Gourmet House Blend
Kona Blend
Bourque Newswatch Blend

Medium Dark

Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Organic Coffee
eCoffee(tm) Blend
Espresso Gold
Organic Espresso
Taste Unlimited
Espresso Italia


Sumatra Dark Roast 'Black Satin' Coffee
After Dinner Coffee Blend
French Roast
Espresso Verdi
New Orleans Chicory Blend
Marrakesh Blend

Stomach Friendly Coffees
Mild Roasts & Blends
Stomach Friendly Coffees

Low Acid, Stomach Friendly Coffees
Reduces the accompanying heartburn and/or indigestion often associated with coffee consumption.

Mild Roasts & Blends

Medium Roasts & Blends
Dark Roasts & Blends
Medium Roasts & Blends

Dark Roasts & Blends

Robust and flavorful!
These coffees speak for themselves...

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